open book diary of an artist

Some of The Results

Here are few of the results from the 8×10 box camera.

This was the first image taken, and as expected, vignetting is very visible.

I did not add any sharpness to the image; in fact, I did not add sharpness to any of them. The only thing I did was crop the image.

The vignetting in this photograph does not look too bad, at least to me; in fact, I think it works well with the subject matter, however, depending on the subject matter it would clearly be a hit or miss, which would offer varying possibilities.

The last one, not so good! I messed up on the focusing.

To gain a glimpse of a clearer image and serve as a reminder of my goals, I cut off the vignetted portions.

My options right now would be to see how I could possibly minimize the vignetting factor, so I will try out a few close-up lenses that I have. I also have the option of changing the lens all together and replacing it with a magnifying glass lens, which I have done before, but I would rather not go that route.

More to follow!

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