Camera Builds

June 2017 (first ever pinhole camera build)

July 2017 (5×7 box camera initial finalized build was in 2017, added adjustments along the way completing this box camera for real in June 2018).


July 2017 (found it and wanted to try it out as a pinhole camera)


February 2018 (5×7 box camera build for a friend)


July 2018 (wide angle 5×7 box camera build)


December 2019 (First 8×10 box camera build. Built for in-camera Cyanotypes).


December 2019 (Another box camera for in-camera cyanotypes but smaller, 4×5).


February 2020 (added an adjustable option on a previous 8×10 build from 2019 to accommodate in-camera cyanotypes and paper negatives. A two in one combo).

February 2020 (another 4×5 box camera made to replace the previous 4×5 box camera build above,(2019), for in-camera Cyanotypes due to incorrect focal length).


March 2020 (decided to build an 8×10 box camera solely for paper negatives).


April 2020 (Multi-pinhole box camera built for World Wide Pinhole day 2020).


May 2020 (decided to build an 8×10 box camera solely for in-camera Cyanotypes).